BA Graphic & Advertising Design.
Working and collaborating with various professionals, advertising agencies and creative studios since 2006.

work experience

2006 TBWAentelia (trainee)
2007 Freelancer
2009 tri-angle designers (junior graphic designer)
2010  ars longa communications (graphic designer)
2011   OUAO artvertising (graphic designer)
2012  Freelancer
2014  Target Advertising (senior designer)
2015  Freelancer
2016  Gnomi (senior designer)
2020 ORB Communications (art director)
2021   Freelancer
2022   Ultimate Fintech (graphic designer)

personal experience

2011   launch & curation of GZT~
2012   group art exhibition - Spring Equinox
2013   group art exhibition - Lush Art in Austere Times
2013   launch of the hello, i’m in space personal brand
2014   1st personal exhibition Color of the Spheres
2015   part of metAMORphrasis performance
2016   2nd personal exhibition Forest in a Cache
2018  3rd personal exhibition A Meteor’s Reflection on Water and Land
2019 group art exhibition - at 1 of 7 events of The Cyprus Oscar Wilde Festival
2022 αυκοέκδοση - “αυκογοήτευση”



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