Cyprus Film Days

International Festival 2023
Rejected CFD2023 Festival Visual Identity proposal

In August 2022 Cyprus Film Days International Festival approached 4 graphic designers requesting proposals for festival’s new identity in 2023. The following (rejected) proposal was my suggestion.

Having in mind the keywords that were given in the brief, and also wanting to create something different than the previous festival’s visual identities, I came up with the following design proposal, aiming to transfer visually the innevitable connection of the past (black & white), present (CFD2023) and future (moving forward). 

Daring not to use festival’s official colour (red), was an attempt to firstly refer to films’ black & white first appearance, and secondly excluding any symbolism and/or identity reference a colour could carry (ethnicity, politics, gender etc). Thirdly, black and white gives the oportunity for a more straight forward communication with the viewer.

The squares symbolize the film frames in a sequence. They were designed to playfully change direction and also blend with text or images making the design more interesting while it adapts in other applications (booklet, social media, etc). They can also move out of the “sequence” to create a more flexible and pratical space for any extra information.


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