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μια “αυκοέκδοση” εμπνευσμένη που μιαν “αυκογοήτευση”

soon to be hatched.
update: hacthed!


website design and development based on Cargo.Site
So the new website of KUZA is up and running!
visit here >>


brand identity design
Well since 2020 I’ve been working on 2 of my favorite projects so far in the category of brand design. They are both on going projects so keep in mind to check once and then!

Kuza is a brand of ceramic art/design. We are currently working on the new website and hopefully more! We agreed that this project will evolve organically, so now we are working on new colours as well! The over all journey made me create this special bond and I almost feel this brand as my own.

Nunc Fluens is a brand of the senses! Specifically the smell. My client travels the world and captures the sense of each country visiting and puts them in candles, insense sticks and many more. We are still creating new labels for new products and I hope we will never stop!


an interview on Cyprus Mail
A minute with Annie Damianou, Graphic Artist/Designer

read here


new work on the way! stay tuned!

update: see project here


sooo this is a random side/fun personal project that I started back in 2015.

I left it for a while, but now it's back;)
Feel free to join.
It's basically screenshots of random words from random posts that happen to pass through my news feed.
I randomly choose them to then selectively combine them to create a new meaning. 

FB Poetry


Poster (v1 + v2) and flyer design 

for the exhibition of Natalie Kynigopoulou my mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun at Garage Art Space

see project here



closeup of an image of a commissioned project I’m currently working on.

more info soon!

update * see project here


wine label design for a small vineyard in Peristerona, CY.


poster and timetable design for the Cyprus Pride Festival 2019


my participation at a group exhibition at 1 of the 7 events of The Cyprus Oscar Wilde Festival.

see my work here


A Meteor’s Reflection on Water and Land

my 3rd personal exhibition coming up!

update * see artworks here


Armida Publication requested a book cover design for the publication The Seamstres of Ourfa by Victoria Harwood Butler-Sloss.


music album design for Mimis Nikolopoulos

see project here


one of my pattern illustrations

published in OWKzine #5

drawn with black fineliner 0.1 on A6 size paper

the pink colour was added for the publication.

see more of my sketchbook in this instagram hashtag


Time Out Cyprus magazine


in 2012 Marilena Zackheos contacted me and asked me to design the very first music album of Grendel Babies!

finally after 5 years(!) it will be out soon!

more info and images coming up.

update * see project here


PRESENTS: Annie Damianou



so my 2nd personal exhibition is coming up!!!

FOREST in a cache - Άννι Δαμιανού

save the date 20.12.2016

update * see artworks here


so I started this drawing/illustration inspired by Jupiter’s images, about 3 years ago.. and forgot it somewhere in a sketchbook.. this weekend I found it again and thought I should finish what I started. .. it’s a bit difficult though, a lot changes in 3 years!..

update * view it here


summer is…

drawing for Parathyro’s summer cover

view it here


δεν ξενχώ

submission to Parathyro’s project “δεν ξενχώ

* watch in fullscreen and HD mode *
Με αφορμή ένα τυπογραφικό λάθος στο κρατικό λαχείο στις 10 Ιουνίου 2015, ξεκινούμε το νέο πρότζεκτ “ΔΕΝ ΞΕΝΧΩ”. Σας καλούμε να μας στείλετε εικόνες, σχέδια, φράσεις, κείμενα, ιδέες ή οτιδήποτε θα μπορούσε κατα την άποψη σας να εκπροσωπήσει την φράση “ΔΕΝ ΞΕΝΧΩ”


in December 2015
I started a wonderful collaboration as a freelance Graphic Designer with Caffè Nero Cyprus.

this is the result of some of the projects.


an article on The Greek Foundation about my series Color of the Spheres


I’ve been asked to select a random page from my sketchbook to present it in a small section in Parathyro Newspaper.

thank you Parathyro!


so i’ve been asked to do this….

i’ve been given this specific spread from an old PEANUTS book and been asked to play around:) ….

check full article here


so I have started this fun word collage project….

FB Poetry
A #WordCollage project. Screenshots of words & phrases, from random posts on Facebook selectively combined to create a new meaning.

>> facebook
>> tumblr


Color of the Spheres
17.12.14 - 24.12.14
a digital collage exhibition

happy to announce my first official personal exhibition at Prozak

update * see all artworks here


my latest digital collage submission to
CYD Issue º07 Άδρωπε μου
August 2014

Cyprus Dossier issue 7, page 7!

see project here


sketchbook illustrations #4+5

on coloured paper


Dear friends,
I am sorry for taking so long to to launch an online shop for HELLO, I’M in SPACE / handmade by as promised. The shop is now available at is waiting for you to navigate through!
In December 2013, when “hello, I’m in space” made it’s first appearance at a local festival, all of the scrapbooks were almost sold out.. I knew I had to continue!
Stay close, as more options will be available soon. Different colors, patterns, types (scrapbooks, sketchbooks, notebooks) and binding styles!
for any suggestions, questions or just comments please send an email at or a direct message to the page!


Avant-Garde Press is launching its web-radio and I was asked to design the cover for their special music issue #35.

click on the links to read the issue and also a mini interview, or simply visitάννι-δαμιανού. The issue is available across Cyprus.

see project here


GZT.IC grows bigger

22nd of March, 2011: GZT.IC begins its journey as a Facebook page.

One year later it becomes officially a blog. After curating and expanding the blog alone for three years, in September 2013, I have gathered a group of friends and asked them if they would like to contribute to GZT.IC by establishing individual columns based on their own likes and passions while simultaneously maintaining the overall GZT.IC aesthetic.

The first post was up yesterday, written by dear friend Panayiotis Tofi for his GZT.IC column + Σώ:ματι κίνει

read the post here

see identity design project here


Inspired by the life and work of Hypatia of Alexandria and using print outs and magazine cut outs, I am submitting 2 handmade collages to the group exhibition Lush Art in Austere Times at IsNotGallery.

the opening is this Friday 01.Feb.2013 at 8pm and it will be open until 01.Mar.2013


at last! the issue in my hands!

I’m participating in this issue by submitting a digital collage/illustration.

Cyprus Dossier / Issue 04: The Independent Entrepreneur is out and I’m so excited to see my work in those pages!

Cyprus Dossier is an intellectual journal with one intention, to initiate frequent cross-disciplinary dialogue on political, social and cultural issues faced by the island’s inhabitants, as diversely and impartially as possible.”


Maria Panosian once again trusted me with her ep cover design. I’m waiting for the EP to be released..!

*update: see project


A small interview at Parathyro a blog and a Politis Newspaper insert).


My very first participation at a group exhibition with handmade collage artworks (using print outs and magazine cut outs) entitled Once upon a Celestial Bloom.

exhibition: Spring Equinox
location: Aeschylou 83 multifunctional art space, in Nicosia.


this is an inspiration blog
that I currently curate on tumblr. feel free to follow any updates via tumblr or facebook page or any other way you like (find the links under the FOLLOW GZT.IC on your left inside the blog)

thanks! enjoy

see also the project of the identity design

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